We have simplified our membership offerings, in short, we offer two types of memberships:

1.  Court Rental membership.
This membership entitles a member to membership rates when renting a court. Currently we do not require Court Rental Membership to rent a court, nor do we charge guest fees.

2. Drop-in Play membership.
For membership prices please check "Fees".

Whenever AOBC is open, we will reserve enough courts for members and drop-in players. All players including members and drop-ins must share the available courts.  All players must perform and behave in a positive and respectful manner.  All players are encouraged to introduce each other and suggest a game or two .  A game is more fun than practice drill!

Our member/drop-in program has become a platform for experienced badminton players to meet other seasoned players and play competitive games. In general, we do not recommend this program to beginners and family players with young children. Court rentals are more suitable for beginners and family players with young children.

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