Agincourt Open Badminton Centre (AOBC)
Toronto's Badminton Club --- Leading the way badminton is played --- Sports solution for ordinary people --- Watching sports is not sports, playing is!

Agincourt has 18 courts!
Agincourt has 18 courts!
Agincourt has 18 courts!

18 courts, 60ft clearance, never run out of space!
Membership(both full time and daytime) promotions going on, check this page for details!

愛勁哥羽毛球, 领导健身新潮流
Welcome to AOBC ------- We love badminton and we want you to join us.  AOBC is located at the Mid-Scarborough area and is close to the intersection of Ellesmere and Birchmount. We have 18 full-size badminton courts and 9 of these courts have 60ft clearance!  We are open 7 days a week and 13 hours a day (at least, on Fridays and Saturdays we're open 15 hours a day). We're open all statutory holidays and long weekends.

Drop-in players are welcome on a walk-in basis. Court rentals are available through telephone to anyone with a name and phone number. When we are this big, we are this simple!

Our programs require no membership fees, no guest fees, no initiation fees------no strings attached. Drop-ins, Punch cards, Court Rentals, Memberships------many options......still don't believe what you hear on the phone? come and experience why we have a word "Open" in our name.

AOBC is committed to promoting badminton among players of all levels and all ages for fitness and recreational purpose. We believe Badminton is the most convenient game in sports and it can be picked up by anyone with a desire to get fit and get some work out.  Badminton is the most civilized and yet energy consuming sports we can find. We believe conflicts in sports and in everyday life should be resolved by handshake, not by fist-fight. We believe Badminton is extremely under rated and under exposed in the culture we live in. We welcome more badminton fans and non-fans to join us to discover, promote, and make use of the benefit of this sport. We will continuously work to offer you a high quality facility with an open and flexible set-up, and non-barrier access.

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